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About SLCgreen

About Us

Salt Lake City Green is comprised of award-winning environmental programs that continue to help us conserve resources, reduce pollution, slow climate change and ensure a healthy, sustainable future for Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Green, or SLCgreen, is the public face of Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department.


Explore our Sustainable SLC Plan 2015 to learn more about our goals and priorities.

You can also read our 2017 and 2016 year in review here.


Contact Us

SLCgreen: (801) 535-6470 |

Waste & Recycling: (801) 535-6999 |


Meet the Team

Energy & Environment Division

  • Vicki BennettSustainability Department Director
  • Debbie LyonsEnergy & Environment Division Director
  • Bridget StuchlyProgram Manager
  • Tyler PoulsonProgram Manager
  • Sophia NicholasCommunications Manager
  • Peter NelsonSustainability Coordinator
  • Gregg EvansFinancial Analyst
  • Shannon WilliamsSpecial Projects

Waste & Recycling Division

  • Vicki BennettSustainability Department Director
  • Lance AllenWaste & Recycling Division Director
  • Cory YoungProgram Manager
  • Cliff KanoMaintenance Supervisor
  • Frank YoungMaintenance Supervisor
  • Jen FarrellSanitation Enforcement Lead
  • Lilian GrangeOffice Technician II
  • Weston SmithSpecial Projects

Sustainability Awards & Recognition

The City has received recognition and awards related to climate preparedness, resiliency, and sustainability from 2009 to 2014.

  • White House Climate Action Champion community.

  • White House Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. Salt Lake City served on the White House Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.

  • Mayors’ Climate Protection Award. Salt Lake City was awarded the Mayors’ Climate Protection Award 2013 by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Wal-Mart for his leadership to institute innovative practices that reduce GHG emissions.

  • Seventh Most Influential City For Policy Ideas. Salt Lake City ranked as the seventh most influential city in the nation for policy ideas in the study, “Mayoral Policy Making: Results from the 21st-Century Mayors Leadership Survey” (Boston University, October 2014). Salt Lake City was the smallest municipality among the top 10 biggest influencers.

  • Top 20 Most Resilient Cities. International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – Local Governments for Sustainability USA named Salt Lake City among the top 20 most resilient cities on the “front line” of dealing with the multi-pronged challenges associated with climate change and extreme weather events in 2013.

  • Barrier Buster and Mountain Mover.The City received the U.S. Department of Energy Solar America “Barrier Buster” and “Mountain Mover” awards for its progress in solar energy.

  • Top 10 Sustainable Cities. The City was recognized by Moyers and Company in January 2013 as one of the 12 top cities leading the way in sustainability.

  • Utah Sustainable Business Leadership Award. Sustainability Director Vicki Bennett was awarded the 2014 Utah Sustainable Business Leadership award from Utah Business Magazine.