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Explore community gardens in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has taken measures to increase food production locally through community gardens and urban farming. 

Salt Lake City recognizes the important role community vegetable gardens play in supporting our local food system, and has partnered with Wasatch Community Gardens to develop and coordinate sustainable, flourishing community gardens on City-owned land.

In order to help facilitate the development of new gardens, the City has identified City-owned or managed parcels located on properties with access to a waterline and other conditions conducive to creating a successful and sustainable community garden.

Salt Lake City also has community garden opportunities at our existing sites: Liberty Wells, Rose Park, 9-Line , Popperton Plots, Gateway, Fairpark, Harrison, and Richmond Park community gardens. Please contact Wasatch Community Gardens for information.

Please note the Cannon Greens garden is currently closed for soil remediation and community interest assessment.

For further information, visit Wasatch Community Gardens or contact them at 801-359-2658.


Available parcels for future community gardens:

If you’re interested in helping develop a community garden in these neighborhoods, please contact Wasatch Community Gardens. Available plots include:

View all available parcels and existing gardens on our interactive Google Map.

For questions on the process for starting a new community garden, please contact Wasatch Community Gardens at 801-359-2658.

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