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Public Lands Projects

Public Lands Projects

General Obligation (GO) Bond

In November 2022, 71% of Salt Lake City (“City”) voters voted to approve the $85 million Parks, Trails and Open Space General Obligation (GO) Bond.

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Additional Resources

Public Lands Master Plan

This plan establishes an inspirational framework to guide how Public Lands will care for, grow and prioritize investments for the next 10-20 years.

Cemetery Master Plan

The three main purposes of this Master Plan are:
– Guide the preservation & management of Cemetery.
– Expand access to and enhance appropriate uses of the Cemetery as a multi-use facility.
– Address future financial sustainability of the Cemetery.

Foothills System Master Plan

The Plan’s vision is to provide a variety of recreational trail and cultural experiences for diverse ages and abilities while managing the Foothills’ environmental resources for future generations.

Parks and Recreation Action Plan.

This plan was created in 2001. It includes information about Salt Lake City’s Park system and an overview an assessment of needs.