Salt Lake City

Public Utilities

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Explain My Bill

Breaking down your bill

We read city meters and bill our customers monthly. The monthly bill includes charges for water service, garbage pickup, sewer service, a storm water charge, street lighting, and a franchise fee of 6 percent of the water and sewer charges.

Customers living outside city boundaries are billed for water service only.

Bills are due 21 days after the mailing date.

If service is terminated because of a past due bill or rules violations, before service is restored, a reconnection fee will be assessed and collected in addition to the delinquent amount.

If we may help in explaining your bill, please contact a Public Utilities Customer Service representative, weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 801-483-6900 

The Salt Lake City Council updates information on fees annually when setting the City’s budget. Current fees for culinary water, sewer, stormwater/flood control, street lights and trash collection and recycling, please visit here.

Franchise Fee

Most cities charge franchise fees to utilities operating within their jurisdiction. Salt Lake City charges a 6 percent franchise fee on water,  sewer and stormwater charges billed to city residents. This fee reimburses the city for use of its streets for pipelines that supply customers with water,  sewer and stormwater service. The money from this fee goes into the city’s general fund to provide funding for parks and street,s as well as fire and police protection.

Trash Collection

Salt Lake City furnishes each residential housing unit a wheeled trash container. The container should be placed curbside on collection by 7:00 a.m. on your pickup day.

The trash fee  is included on the water utility bill. For information other than billing (trash pickup times, getting an extra garbage container, recycling, holiday pickup schedules and more), please link with the Department of Sustainability here.

Abatements (Utility Bill Reductions)

Customers who qualify for the Salt Lake County Tax Abatement Program are eligible for a reduction in their water, garbage and storm water charges. Call Salt Lake County at 385-468-8300 Option #2 for abatement information, or visit here for more information.