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The November 6th recorded session of the 457 & 501 (c)(9) is now available! This video explains the transition to the new 457 & 501(c)(9) HRA providers.
  • If you have questions about the transition contact your benefits team.
  • If you have specific questions about your account or want financial advice please contact NFP at 1-800-553-3903.


Medical Plus HSA or Flex Account

PEHP logo

Salt Lake City offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) called Summit Star, administered through PEHP. The City pays 95% of the monthly premium. Additionally, employees are given an Health Savings Account (or Flex Account if you do not qualify for an HSA). The city front loads each July 1st, half the yearly deductible, or $750 for individual and $1,500 for double or family coverage (pro-rated for new hires). You can visit and log into your ‘MyPEHP account’ to see paid claims history, find the cost for a procedure or medication, change your address, make beneficiary changes, midyear event changes, enroll if newly hired. Check out the documents below regarding your PEHP Medical Plan. Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

List of ‘In-network’ Hospitals and Providers (Please note: Intermountain is not ‘in-network’ BUT Primary Children’s is considered ‘in-network’)

PEHP Benefits Notice


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The City offers two choices in dental coverage administered through PEHP. You can visit and log into your ‘MyPEHP account’ to see paid claims history, find the cost for a procedure or medication, change your address, make beneficiary changes, midyear event changes, enroll if newly hired. Check out the documents below regarding your PEHP Dental Plan.

SLC Preferred Choice

SLC Premium Choice


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Vision coverage is available for purchase through VSP as a new hire or during open enrollment.

If you are currently enrolled and wish to print a member ID card, you can do so at Log in with your user name and password (first time users will need to register). Once you are logged in, access the link on the left side that says “Member Vision Card.” You should then be able to print out a card.

When registering on the VSP site, add three zeros in front of your City ID, which is found on your check stub. Or call us at 800-877-7195 to register.

Salt Lake City BiWeekly Rates

  • Employee: $2.70
  • Employee + One Dependent: $5.39
  • Employee + Child(ren): $5.76
  • Employee + Family: $9.21

Download VSP Product Overview

Coverage Summary: While exams are not covered under VSP, your PEHP Medical covers an exam under annual preventative care.

  • Up to $150 allowance on frames PLUS 20% savings on frame cost over your allowance each year
  • Single vision, lined bifocal, or lined trifocal lenses covered each year
  • Up to $150 allowance on contact lenses after copay (instead of spectacle lenses) each year
  • Get an extra $20 to spend on featured designer brands

To find a VSP doctor in your neighborhood, click here or call 800-877-7195.


Salt Lake City is changing the way we look at wellness. Take a look below at the new wellness program created with our partners at PEHP. The program will allow for greater flexibility and technology integrations, making it super easy to use.

The new program is points based and you earn points by completing a variety of challenges, from getting your annual physical to running a 5k. Activities will rotate on a monthly basis to keep the program fresh and allow you to participate in a variety of challenges throughout the year. This new program will launch July 2018.

Employee Health Clinic

Midtown Clinic logo

The Midtown Employee Clinic is exclusively for Salt Lake City Corporation and Utah Retirement Systems Employees and their dependents covered by PEHP. See more information on this handout.

  • This full-service, private clinic provides all the services of a family doctor but at a lower cost
  • Pay only a $10 copay after deductible
  • Enjoy a 25% discount on all services
  • The Midtown Clinic will help you better utilize your plan and control your out-of-pocket costs
  • An ideal choice for managing chronic illness such as diabetes
  • Midtown Clinic helps coordinate your care
  • After your first visit, call in and speak to a nurse or doctor anytime

P: 801-320-5660 | | M – F 8:30am – 5pm | 500 E 230 S. Suite 510, SLC, UT 84102

EAP: Counseling, Legal, Financial Support and more

ComPsych logo

The GuidanceResources® Employee Assistance Program provides support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. GuidanceResources is city sponsored, confidential and provided at no charge to employees and their eligible dependents. Eligible dependents are all members of the household, even children away at college.

Confidential Counseling: Life can be stressful. Your EAP is designed to provide short-term counseling services for you and your dependents to help you handle concerns constructively, before they become major issues. Call anytime about concerns such as marital, relationship and family problems; stress, anxiety and depression; grief and loss, job pressures and substance abuse.

Work-Life Solutions: Too much to do, and too little time to get it all done? The work-life specialists can do the research for you, and provide qualified referrals and customized resources for child and elder care, moving, pet care, college planning, home repair, buying a car, planning an event, selling a house and more.

Legal Support: Speak with on-staff licensed attorneys about legal concerns such as divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt and bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, civil and criminal actions and more. If you require representation, you can be referred to a qualified attorney.

Financial Information: Get answers to your questions about budgeting, debt management, tax issues and other money concerns from on-staff CPAs, Certified Financial Planners® and other financial experts.

GuidanceResources® Online: Go online to access for information on; relationships, work, school, children, wellness, legal, financial and free time. You can search for qualified child and elder care, attorneys and financial planners.

P: 855.823.5389 | 24 hours, 7 days/week | | WEB ID: SLC


View the FMLA poster to learn about your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

If you have questions about FMLA, please contact our leave coordinators at


P: 801-535-7121

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability

For employees covered under Plan B, SDI is provided by the City and provides income protection if you are unable to perform your duties due to a non-work related illness or injury. Also see below optional, additional coverages for purchase.

  • Based on years of continuous city employment, benefit is paid at 66% or 100% of monthly salary up to 12 weeks
  • Benefits are paid through direct deposit
  • Claims are administered by a third-party, Disability Insurance Specialists

For more information, see the full Summary Plan Description.

E: | P: 801-535-7121 | F: 801-535-6255

Length of Employment Benefit Period 100% Benefit Period 66 2/3%
0 – 6 months 2 weeks None
6 months – 2 years 2 weeks 4 weeks
2 – 4 years 4 weeks 4 weeks
4 – 6 years 6 weeks 6 weeks
6 – 8 years 10 weeks 2 weeks
8 – 10 years 11 weeks 1 week
10 years + 12 weeks None

Long Term Disability

What does LTD provide if I become injured or ill?

LTD disability picks up where short-term disability ends and provides a benefit of 662/3% of your base monthly salary as long as you meet the provider’s criteria OR their ‘test of disability.’ Find the Test of Disability in each policy detail below.

All Policies

  • Your monthly LTD benefit will begin after a 90 day elimination period from the date of disability
  • Monthly non-taxable benefit is 66 2/3% of monthly salary (taxable for city premium paid plans for Police and Fire)
  • LTD benefit is reduced when you receive income from other sources (i.e., Social Security, retirement, etc.)
  • While receiving disability, your medical & life premiums are eligible for a partial or full premium waiver
  • Certain conditions have a LTD benefit limit of 24 months – see the full LTD policy for details
  • URS service credit continues to accrue while receiving SDI or LTD benefits and if permanently disabled, LTD benefit may continue until you meet URS retirement eligibility as long as you meet the Test of Disability

Full Policy Details

City Employees covered under URS Tiers 1 & 2

City Employees covered under URS Tier 1 Firefighter

City Employees covered under URS Tier 2 Firefighter

  • Tier 2 Fire: PEHP LTD is provided to all Tier 2 Firefighters and paid in full through the City’s pension contribution, See Policy Details

City Employees covered under URS Tiers 1 & 2 Public Safety

  • Police Tier 1 & 2: Aetna LTD is provided at no cost to sworn police personnel, See Policy Details

SLC Strong EAP for Police Dept, Fire Dept and 911 Bureau employees

SLC Strong logo

SLC STRONG is our dedicated Employee Assistance Program for Public Safety employees and their families. It is provided by our same confidential third party, ComPsych, but offers unique benefits tailored to our first responders and their needs.

What is special about SLC STRONG?

  • A vetted network of health professionals familiar with the challenges faced by public safety and first responders
  • Up to 15 face to face counseling sessions per incident for you and your family members
  • Must use alternative phone number and web ID to access these benefits and other work/life balance resources

Are you an employee of the SLC Police, Fire or Airport Police? Click here for more information and how to access these unique benefits.

Life Insurance

PEHP logo

City paid Term and AD&D policies with $50,000 in coverage are offered to all employees at the start of employment. Employees may choose to purchase increased coverage or add coverage for their spouse and/or dependents. Outside of the first 60 days of employment, life insurance can be added during open enrollment in May. However, new policies, additions to the policy, or increases in coverage may be subject to underwriting. You can visit and log into your ‘MyPEHP account’ to see what you are enrolled in, make beneficiary changes, midyear event changes or enroll if newly hired.

Accelerated Death Benefit

In the event of a terminal diagnosis, you may apply for up to 75% of your total life insurance value, including the 50k the city provides through PEHP. The remaining policy will be paid to your beneficiary. Additionally, you may also apply for an accelerated death benefit of 75% of your highest annual salary through URS. The remaining retirement will still be paid your beneficiary.


URS logo

For new employees covered under URS Tier 2, the City contributes 10% of your annual salary to your choice of retirement programs. In your first year, you must choose from a defined contribution (standard 401k) or a pension + 401k fund. You can visit to read more about your retirement system or refer to our Retirement Information Packet. You may also log into your ‘MyURS’ to see account information including beneficiaries, and enroll in a 401k or 457 plan.


Dependent Care Flex Account

PEHP logo

The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows you to save pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified dependent care expenses for children up to age 13 or for elderly family members.

Dependent care image

  • Enroll during Open Enrollment in May or anytime if you have a qualifying event, (ie. a birth or change in cost or coverage of care)
  • Estimate your expenses carefully and set the deductions only to the amount you will use for the remaining year — you’ll lose any unused balance at the end of the plan year, per IRS rules
  • You can contribute up to $5,000 to pay for dependent care expenses you incur throughout the calendar year
  • Keep in mind, you and your spouse combined contributions cannot exceed $5,000 in Dependent Care Flex Accounts
  • Be sure to sign up for the direct deposit option to receive your pretax dollars in your account the same day as your paycheck, seamlessly

The savings can really add up! For example, a married couple filing taxes jointly, with a combined income of $80,000 will save federal taxes of $1250 (or 25% of $5,000). In addition, social security taxes would be reduced $310 and Medicare taxes by $72.50. That is over $1600 in saving.

Call PEHP with questions 801-366-7503, or go to

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement image

Through SLC’s Tuition Reimbursement Policy, an employee can receive 100% reimbursement up to $4,000 for tuition, fees for approved coursework and books per calendar year. If you are currently using the City’s Tuition Reimbursement Policy (or would like to), there is a new email for submitting your course approval form. Please first get approval for courses by sending course approval forms to 60 calendar days prior to class start. Then send in documentation showing a passing grade of C or above and proof of payment no later than 60 days after the completion of the class.

For full policy exclusions, see policy here or under Policies.

Paid Leave

The following is just a summary of Paid Time Off, see the Compensation Plan for full details.

Union represented employees, see your Labor Agreements for more paid leave details and exclusions.

Holidays Vacation Personal Leave
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Pioneer Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day (Justice Courts only)
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
The day after Thanksgiving (except Justice Courts)
Christmas Day
One personal holiday per calendar year
Years of City Service // Hours Accrued (Bi-weekly)

0 – 3    //    3.73

4 – 6    //    4.42

7 – 9    //    4.81

10 – 12    //    5.54

13 – 15    //    6.15

16 – 19    //    6.77

20 +    //    7.69

Months of Consecutive Employment // Hours of Leave (Annual)

Less than 6    //    40

Less than 24    //    60

24 +    //    80

NOTE: When any holiday listed above falls on a Sunday, the following business day shall be considered a holiday.
When any holiday listed above falls on a Saturday, the preceding business day shall be considered a holiday.
NOTE: Except for appointed employees, you cannot use any vacation unless you have successfully completed the initial probationary period. NOTE: For employees under Plan B, personal leave is for illness or injury, to care for a dependent, or for any other emergency or personal reason.

Employees under Plan A have sick leave in lieu of Personal Leave. See Compensation Plan for details.

Accident, Illness or Hospital Indemnity Policies

Optional Supplemental Income Protections (for purchase through MetLife)

Metlife logo

You must enroll in these benefits within 60 days of your start date or during open enrollment, which takes place each May.

  • Accident Insurance – This coverage can help pay essential living expenses and costs not covered by your medical insurance (Plan Summary)
  • Critical Illness – If a serious illness (such as heart attack, cancer, or stroke) happens to you or a loved one, critical illness insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment that can be used to pay expenses not usually covered by major medical (Plan Summary)
  • Hospital Indemnity – Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance can complement your medical coverage by helping to ease the financial impact of hospitalization (Plan Summary) | MetLife Customer Service 1 800- GET-MET8 (1-800-438-6388) | Hours M – F 6am – 6pm

Hyatt Legal

Hyatt Legal Plans logo

Hyatt Legal is a benefit available for purchase for $21.25 a month and provides your family access to legal services such as;

  • Family Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Debt Matters
  • Real Estate
  • Traffic and Criminal
  • Injury and Insurance
  • Other

To see the full services of Hyatt Legal available under this plan, visit their website and login with the access code below and find the tab for Covered Services OR see this factsheet. | Access Code for SLC Corp: 4940020

Other Voluntary Benefits

SLC Voluntary Benefits logo

Other benefits are available to SLC employees and can be found by visiting The first time you access this site you will need to enroll with your six digit employee ID, which can be found on your pay stub.

  • Auto and Home Insurance through MetLife or Liberty Mutual
  • OWNx – Purchase gold or silver
  • Identity Theft through LifeLock
  • Pet Insurance through Nationwide
  • Discount Shopping

COBRA Continuation Coverage

Your health benefits end when you no longer work for the City. Learn how you can continue your coverage with COBRA.


Open Enrollment Guide

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