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Life Insurance


City paid Term Life and AD&D policies with $50,000 in coverage are offered to all employees at the start of employment. Employees may choose to purchase increased coverage or add coverage for their spouse and/or dependents. Outside of the first 60 days of employment, life insurance can be added during open enrollment in May. However, new policies, additions to the policy, or increases in coverage may be subject to underwriting. You can visit and log into your ‘MyPEHP account’ to see what you are enrolled in, make beneficiary changes, midyear event changes or enroll if newly hired.

Accelerated Death Benefit

In the event of a terminal diagnosis, you may apply for up to 75% of your total life insurance value, including the 50k the city provides through PEHP. The remaining policy will be paid to your beneficiary. Additionally, you may also apply for an accelerated death benefit of 75% of your highest annual salary through URS. The remaining retirement will still be paid your beneficiary.