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What is Compensation and Classification?

The department’s Compensation and Classification division is responsible for classifying the City’s positions and administering pay for all non-represented employees and those represented by each of the city’s three collective bargaining units—AFSCME Local 1004, Firefighters’ IAFF Local 81, and Salt Lake Police Association (SLPA).

In addition, the Classification and Compensation Division ensures fair, equitable, and competitive compensation by performing salary surveys, market pay analysis, and support to the City’s Citizens’ Compensation Advisory Committee.

How is compensation and pay determined?

Wage structures with specific pay rates have been put in place for employees in jobs covered under one of the city’s three recognized collective bargaining units — AFSCME, Fire, and Police. Non-represented employees are paid within ranges established as part of the General Employee Pay Plan (GEPP).

Compensation decisions are a collaborative effort between the hiring manager, higher-level management and Human Resources in order to attract, motivate, retain and engage qualified employees.

How does the City ensure market-competitive pay?

The Citizens’ Compensation Advisory Committee (CCAC) provides an annual report to city leaders with the guidance and recommendations to ensure market-competitive pay to attract and retain extraordinary talent that delivers exceptional service to the residents of Salt Lake City.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

David Salazar, Program Manager     O: 801-535-7906

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CCAC = Citizens Compensation Advisory Committee