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Paid Time Off

The following is a summary of Paid Time Off, see the Compensation Plan for full details.

Union represented employees, see your Labor Agreements for paid leave details and exclusions.

HolidaysVacationPersonal Leave
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Pioneer Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day (Justice Courts only)
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
The day after Thanksgiving (except Justice Courts)
Christmas Day*
One personal holiday per calendar year
Years of City Service // Hours Accrued (Bi-weekly)

0 – 3    |   3.73
4 – 6    |  4.42
7 – 9    |  4.81
10 – 12   |  5.54
13 – 15   | 6.15
16 – 19   | 6.77
20 +   | 7.69
Months of Consecutive Employment // Hours of Leave (Annual)

Less than 6    |   40
Less than 24  |  60
24 +  |   80
NOTE: When any holiday listed above falls on a Sunday, the following business day shall be considered a holiday. When any holiday listed above falls on a Saturday, the preceding business day shall be considered a holiday. *Not payable upon separation or retirementNOTE: Except for appointed employees, you cannot use any vacation unless you have successfully completed the initial probationary period.NOTE: For employees under Plan B, personal leave is for illness or injury, to care for a dependent, or for any other emergency or personal reason.Employees under Plan A have sick leave in lieu of Personal Leave. See Compensation Plan for details.