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Contact Us

Salt Lake City Human Resources is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. Search below by department to find your HR consultant team.

Executive Team

Chief Human Resources Officer:    Deb Alexander    

Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer:    Melissa Green 

Benefits Team

Program Manager – Benefits

Lori Gaitin O: 801-535-6663 

Benefits Team

Trent Steele    O: 801-535-7725   F: 801-535-6614

Kate Blackwood    O: 801-535-6303    F: 801-535-6254

Cheryl Boyter   O: 801-535-7904

Leave Requests

Darlene Harper   O: 801-535-6607  C: 801-518-5333 F: 801-535-6255

Roxanne Turner    O: 801-535-7929

Cheryl Boyter   O: 801-535-7904

Training and Development

For Employee University or LMS related questions, please contact:

Education Program Manager

Stephanie Yau     O: 801-535-6298   C: 801-656-9679

Education Training and Development Specialist

Maria Oliveira   O: 801-535-6625  C: 801-910-9079


Managers and Admin Team

David Salazar    Program Manager, Classification & Compensation     O: 801-535-7906   C: 801-597-6913

Jami McCart    Workplace Equity Manager    O: 801-535-6405    C: 801-520-5220

James Phelps    Recruitment and Onboarding Manager    O: 801-535-6615

Rick Rasmussen    Civilian Review Board Investigator    O: 801-535-7230    C: 801-259-9294

Recruitment and Onboarding Team

Weston Smith    HR Recruiter    O: 801-535-6608

Candace Roberts   HR Recruiter  O: 801-535-6623

Airport, City Council and Mayor's Office

Business Partner

Dave Buchanan O (airport): 801-575-2820    O (HR): 801-535-6609

Police, Fire and 911

Business Partner

Fire and 911: Jennifer Sykes    O: 801-799-4109    C: 801-455-9503

Police:   Jessica Weaver      O: 801:535-6634      C: 801-541-9115

Public Utilities, Sustainability and IMS

Business Partner

Jennifer Jeppson     O: 801-535-7669    C: 801-920-8637

Public Services

Business Partner

Allen Hatch O: 801-535-7124

Communities and Neighborhoods, Justice Court, Finance, Economic Development, RDA and City Attorney

Business Partner

Michael Sanchez  O:801-535-6767     C:801-633-2095


Hours: M – F 8am – 5pm
Phone: 801-535-7900
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