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Westside Neighborhoods Transportation Projects

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Westside Community Conexiones • Connections • So’ Otaga • Kết Nối


Salt Lake City Transportation Division works hand in hand with Westside communities, including Ballpark, Fairpark, Glendale, Poplar Grove, Rose Park, and Westpointe, to design and implement transportation projects to improve everyday life. Many of these needed investments are possible through Salt Lake City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – a multi-year planning program of capital expenditures needed to replace or expand the City’s public infrastructure.

Salt Lake City welcomes community input on projects, transportation concerns, and approaches to public engagement. We love talking to community members about our work, and look forward to seeing you at meetings and events throughout the year. Please contact with questions or comments at any time.

Westside Neighborhoods Project Details

View the following project lists for past and current Westside neighborhoods projects.

2024 and Beyond Project List

  • 1700 South Corridor Project
    • This project provides for the concept development, public engagement, design, and construction of improved neighborhood connections across 1700 South in the area of Glendale Park, 1700 South River Park, and the future project at the old water park site.
  • 300 North Street Reconstruction
    • 300 North will be reconstructed between 300 West and 1000 West. Project will replace and improve the pavement, sidewalk, ADA ramps, bike lanes, and curb and gutter to create a safer, more inviting experience for all roadway users.
  • 700 South Traffic Calming
    • The City will be installing a new roundabout in the intersection of 700 South and 1000 West in Poplar Grove.
  • 400 South Viaduct Trail
    • A collaboration between UDOT and Salt Lake City to create a multi-use trail along the 400 South viaduct.

  • Wingate Walkway
    • This project will create a shared-use path connection across the Wingate property to allow people to walk and ride between the Jordan Meadows neighborhood west of Redwood Road and the areas east of Redwood Road, including the Jordan River Parkway Trail. This project is being developed in the Engineering Division.


Why do each of these projects need to happen now?

Salt Lake City recognizes the challenges that each of these projects may cause to residents and businesses, but we also need to plan for and upgrade the transportation infrastructure to ensure it meets the current and future needs of the community.

What have Salt Lake City and partners done to address transportation equity on the Westside?

In 2020, Salt Lake City and its partners, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), and others initiated a Westside Transportation Equity Study to address a lack of transportation equity in Salt Lake City’s Westside neighborhoods. Ultimately, the study sought to address how the City and its partners can more equitably meet the diverse needs of all community members.

Learn more on the Westside Transportation Equity Study webpage.

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