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Raise Respect

Raise Respect

A respectful workplace is the only acceptable workplace!

Mayor Jackie Biskupski

What is the Raise Respect Initiative?

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An expanded harassment prevention training that focuses on all the ways we can improve our workplace. We all have a hand in creating the ideal work environment. This initiative was begun early 2018 and we are now putting a more visible emphasis on the training.  The initiative includes compliance with EEO and non-EEO City policies.

Important Dates & Requirements

Part 1—Online Training on Workplace Harassment Prevention:

All employees (full, part, & seasonal)

This is an online session. Tracked by the HR training division.
Due within 3 weeks of hire date for all new employees.
Part 2— Ambassador Led Discussion:

Full-time employees

Department/division discussion led by the department designated ambassador 

Due 12/31/19

Part 3—Raise Respect Elective*:

Full-time employees

• When to Report Harassment
• A Multi-generational Workplace
• Customized training chosen by the department head

*The elective will be chosen by the department leadership OR a customized elective will be created

Due 12/31/19

Register for Raise Respect 3 – The Multi-generational Workplace (Elective Module) HERE

Raise Respect Resources

Raise Respect FlyerA description of the three-part requirements
SLC Public Services Raise Respect Episode 1: Creating Civility in the Workplace

In this first episode of Raise Respect, Salt Lake City Streets Division employees in Public Services are asked what a welcoming and inclusive workplace looks like, how they personally help create this type of environment, and why civility in the workplace is overall a win for everyone.
SLC Public Services Raise Respect Episode 2: Benefits of a Multi-Generational Workplace

In 2020, five generations of people will be working alongside each other in the workforce. In this second episode of Raise Respect, Salt Lake City Facilities Division employees talk about the benefits of working in a multi-generational workplace and what value it brings.
SLC Public Services Raise Respect Episode 3: Addressing “Locker Room Talk” in the Workplace

In this third episode of Raise Respect, Salt Lake City Fleet, Compliance and Parks Division employees are asked about “Locker Room Talk,” what it means to them, and how to address it to ensure a safe, respectful and inclusive atmosphere for all in the workplace. These candid conversations take place in employee locker rooms across the city.