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Conservation: Everyone can help extend our water supply

Population growth, climate change and even short-term weather fluctuations have an impact on our water supply. Our water conservation planning and programs are critical in addressing those impacts.

Conservation measures are some of the best ways to extend our water supply, and are typically easier and quicker to put in place than reservoirs, pumping stations and other infrastructure.

Partnering with the public is key to the success of Public Utilities’ longtime conservation efforts. With your help we can accomplish our top priority: Ensuring a continued supply of high-quality drinking water and a meaningful quality of life for today and tomorrow.

Part of our long-term planning is the Water Shortage Contingency Plan update.

Our Conservation Program Manager Stephanie Duer can provide helpful water-saving information, including landscaping tips for our climate and terrain. You can reach Stephanie at 801-483-6860 or

Earn money for saving Utah’s water

As part of Utah’s water conservation efforts, get rewarded for participating in water-saving programs like water-smart landscaping, toilet replacement, and smart sprinkler controller installation. Visit for more details.

Photo by Stephanie Duer