Salt Lake City

Public Utilities

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GIS Mapping & IT

Geographic Information Service (GIS) and Mapping

Our GIS team is responsible for all areas of mapping, including survey, pipe locations and GIS (Smart Mapping) input. We map utilities for water, sewer, storm and irrigation within Salt Lake City. Our water system extends to the east side of the valley to around Little Cottonwood Canyon. Our irrigation system starts at Utah Lake and flows all the way through Salt Lake City. GIS team also collaborates with our stormwater utility, U.S. Homeland Security matters, watershed protection and many special projects.

GIS interfaces with the Blue Stakes of Utah program to assist building contractors and resident in locating utility lines before they begin digging in the road or on property. Utility line location before beginning construction is required by law, and we are here to help in utility line location. Click here to find a team member who can assist.

Sewer lateral locations in Salt Lake City

Flood zones in Salt Lake City

Current utility projects in our area

For further assistance, our GIS and Mapping Administrator Nick Kryger can provide more information at 801-483-6834 or