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Water Quality

Salt Lake City Drinking Water: Highest quality from the cleanest sources

We work every day to ensure our customers can turn on a tap or take a shower with no worries about the purity of their water. In keeping with federal, state, city and our own agency rules and guidelines, our Division of Water Quality team strives to protect our water supplies, our water quality and safety and to deliver this life-giving resource without interruption or compromise.

We treat and deliver drinking water to all of Salt Lake City, the cities of Cottonwood Heights, Holladay, Mill Creek and to the east bench of Salt Lake County Township. We also deliver water to portions of South Salt Lake and Murray.

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Public Health and Safe Drinking Water Supply

Your tap water is safe to drink. Salt Lake City drinking water complies with or exceeds all EPA requirements. More than 60 percent of our water starts in mountain streams from our nearby Wasatch canyons. In summer months, we supplement water flow with deep wells from throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Well water meets all drinking water standards, though it is “harder,” with more minerals than source water.

The wells and springs that contribute groundwater to our drinking supply are spread across the Salt Lake Valley. Our team consistently monitors groundwater quality. Because groundwater continually passes through the subsurface geology, it goes through a natural filtration process on its way to our treatment plants. We ask the public to support us in keeping groundwater pure as possible by never disposing of chemicals of hazardous materials on the ground. These materials can migrate through the soils and harm groundwater.

If you have any questions or concerns about your drinking water, we want to hear from you. Please email  or call 801-483-6832.

For complete information on the sources and content of Salt Lake City Public Utilities drinking water, please see our current annual Consumer Confidence Report. We regularly sample and monitor all drinking water sources, and include in this report a wide range of state-regulated contaminants, compounds, metals, and microbials.

Water Quality

Clean, safe drinking water comes at a price. The cost for cleaning water up to drinking water standards depends on how clean the stream or well is to start. Poor quality water costs more to treat, uses more energy, and increases the potential for public health issues. Help us continue to provide you with the best water possible. Follow all watershed, groundwater, and riparian corridor regulations.

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