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Buy a Rain Barrel

We’ve sold 2,772 barrels and counting!

Rain Barrels are back! SLC Public Utilities customers have the option to order rain barrels online. Make sure to have your SLCDPU account number available when you place your order.

Program Eligibility

  • To purchase rain barrels, you must live within the Salt Lake City Public Utilities’ service area, which includes Salt Lake City, Millcreek, Holladay, and Cottonwood Heights. You will need your SLCDPU Account Number to purchase a barrel (it can be found on your water bill).
  • Barrels are for capturing rainwater for use in landscapes and should NOT be used to store drinking water.

Product Details

  • Vendor: Upcycle Products, Inc.
  • Purchase price: $69.50/each + sales tax
  • 55-gallons
  • Recycled and repurposed food-grade plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Made in America
  • Wide, hard top with removable screw lid
  • Mosquito screen
  • One (1) plastic, threaded spigot
  • One (1) ¾-inch overflow valve
  • One (1) lower ¾-inch linking fitting
  • Dimensions: 39” tall, 24” diameter, 20 lbs. empty
  • Choice of colors (pictured below): black, terra cotta, blue

Quantities and Other Program Notes

  • You may purchase as many as you need, but if you have more than two (2) you will need to register them with the State of Utah.
  • Barrels are not for re-sale, not under any circumstance.
  • Just so you know, we will be doing research around the rain barrels, and buying the barrel means you don’t mind us checking in, now and again. Please provide your email or mobile number so we can stay in touch.

Purchase and Pick-up (No Delivery)

  • Purchase online (you’ll need to provide your SLCDPU Water Account Number).
  • Click here to purchase barrels and accessories.
  • Pick-up will occur on pre-advertised dates. You must provide proof of purchase to pick up your barrel(s).
  • Rain barrel pickups will occur at the Public Utilities West Campus located at 1805 West 500 South. Pickups are on scheduled dates only, so please don’t show up outside of the pickup schedule.
  • If special arrangements are necessary for pick-up of pre-paid barrels, contact Stephanie by calling 801.483.6860 or send an email.
  • Installation is the responsibility of the customer.

Look here for videos demonstrating rain barrel installation

State of Utah Rainwater Harvesting Registration

Utah State law (Utah Code 73-3-1.5) allows rain catchment storage up to 2,500 gallons, with the following qualifiers:

  • A person may collect and store precipitation without registering in no more than two covered storage containers if neither covered container has a maximum storage capacity of greater than 100 gallons
  • Collection in more than two (2) containers or greater than 100 gallons must be registered
  • Collection and use are limited to the same parcel of land on which the water is captured and stored
  • There is no cost for registration
  • Click here to register your barrels.

Need more information?

For questions please contact Stephanie Duer, Water Conservation Manager (O: 801-483-6860 | C: 345-419-6670 | Email)