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Buy a Rain Barrel

Try a rain barrel!

Rain barrels capture water from your roof, and allow you to use that stored water later on lawns, landscapes or outdoor flower pots. It’s a simple conservation effort, and we can help.

Salt Lake City Public Utilities launched a Rain Barrel Initiative in 2015. Barrels sell for $68 each, and can be purchased at our office, 1530 South West Temple, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Stephanie Duer, Water Conservation Manager, is available to help with questions. Contact Stephanie at 801-483-6860 or

We offer the barrels at cost. They are not subsidized, and anyone may purchase them.

Product Details: Manufactured by the Great American Rain Barrel Company of recycled and repurposed food-grade plastic, 60-gallon capacity. Repurposed in the USA. Barrels are wide, hard-topped with removable screw lids. They feature a mosquito screen, one plastic, threaded spigot, two ¾-inch overflow valves, two port location options. 39” tall, 24” diameter, 20 pounds empty. The company website features how-to videos on installation.

Quantities and Other Program Notes
Rain barrels are only available while supplies last.

Barrels are not for resale.

The Department is doing research on rain barrel use. We ask that if you buy a barrel, you don’t mind us checking in now and again to see how your conservation efforts are going. Our customer service representatives will ask you to share your email address.

Customer Delivery/Pickup
Rain barrels will be available for purchase and pickup during regular Public Utilities business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If special arrangements are necessary for pick-up of prepaid barrels, contact Stephanie Duer at 801.483.6860 or Installation will remain the responsibility of the customer.

Rainwater Harvesting Registration Utah State law (Utah Code 73-3-1.5) allows rain catchment storage up to 2,500 gallons, with the following qualifiers:
A person may collect and store precipitation without registering in no more than two covered storage containers if neither covered container has a maximum storage capacity of greater than 100 gallons.

Collection and use are limited to the same parcel of land on which the water is captured and stored.

Collection in more than two (2) containers or greater than 100 gallons must be registered with the State of Utah. Registration is free. To register, please visit here.