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Current Rates

Current rates for Salt Lake City Public Utilities

Your monthly bill includes charges for drinking water, stormwater, wastewater (sewer), street lights and trash collection. Rates for each utility are current through June 30, 2021.

Water Rate Schedule
Sewer Rate Schedule
Storm Rate Schedule
Street Lighting Rate Schedule
Garbage and Recycle Rate Schedule

Utility rates are informed by thorough studies

In order to provide our customers fair and financially sound rates for the services they receive, Salt Lake City Public Utilities initiates a full rate study every six to eight years and makes recommendations to our Mayor and City Council based on this study. A Rate Advisory Committee, composed of community and business leaders, non-profit representatives, residential and commercial rate payers and other stakeholders, meets regularly for several months in a thorough and robust process guided by an independent firm that relies on best industry practices to inform these studies.

When completed, the rate study goes to our Public Utilities Advisory Board for oversight and approval. The study is then vetted by the Mayor, submitted to the City Council for discussion and approval, and ultimately adopted by our Department.

Below are the most recent rate studies. Note: Water rates are higher for customers in our Salt Lake County service areas. Sewer and storm water rates apply only to customers living within Salt Lake City boundaries.

Click here to download the rate mailer for Salt Lake City residents.

Click here to download the rate mailer for Salt Lake County residents.

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