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Public Utilities

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Financial Operations

Our Finance and Accounting Team is responsible for all financial functions for Public Utilities’ four enterprise funds: Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Street Lights. Each fund reports its own complete set of financial statements. We are committed to financial accuracy, transparency and the highest professional accounting standards.

Financial statements for each fund include cash and tangible assets, as each fund pays for all of their direct and indirect costs. The section also includes payroll, budget, accounts payable and receivable functions. Additionally, the section is responsible for obtaining financing through local and national bond markets to assist the various enterprise funds in financing projects.

Financial accounting is on an accrual basis following Governmental Accounting Standards Board accounting standards (GASB).

The Salt Lake City fiscal year begins on July 1 ends on June 30. Annual certified financial reports are completed every year as of June 30 by an outside, independent CPA firm. This report includes financial statements, budgets, bonded debt, number of employees, sales, and other cost or benchmarking information. We also use a variety or performance standards to measure the health and strength of the Utilities.

Measuring our financial health:

Current Utility Rate Schedule

Outstanding Debt/Bond Rating

Public Utilities 2017 Annual Budget

Public Utilities 2018 Annual Budget

Public Utilities 2019 Proposed Budget