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Medical Plus HSA or Flex Account


Salt Lake City offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) called Summit Star, administered through PEHP. The City pays 95% of the premium. Additionally, employees are given a Health Savings Account (or Flex Account if you do not qualify for an HSA). On July 1st each year, the city front loads into the HSA $750 for individual coverage and $1,500 for double or family coverage (pro-rated for new hires). You can visit and log into your ‘MyPEHP account’ to see paid claims history, find the cost for a procedure or medication, change your address, make beneficiary changes, midyear event changes, enroll if newly hired. Check out the documents below regarding your PEHP Medical Plan. 

SLC STAR Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

List of ‘In-network’ Hospitals and Providers (Please note: Intermountain is not ‘in-network.’ However, Primary Children’s is considered ‘in-network’)

2021/2022 PEHP Benefit Notices

Treatment to Affirm Gender Identity: Covered: You are covered for management, consultation, counseling, hormones, laboratory services, and surgical services for purposes of affirming your gender identity and/or gender transition (diagnostically this may be referred to as gender dysphoria), including all related medical visits.