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Diversity Initiative

Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate Diversity:  How do we help to create and sustain an authentically inclusive environment so that everyone feels connected? Creating this environment means that the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are treated with respect and valued. Intentionally examining our implicit biases with compassion and empathy helps to put the concept of authentic inclusion into practice and policy.

Diversity Requirements

This initiative began September 2018 and is coordinated by the Employee University Team. One or multiple of the three below is required. The specific elective for your department or division is determined by the department.

The 2019 Celebrate Diversity Initiative is now complete. Please stay tuned for the next iteration.

Online—Take two of the six online diversity courses.

  • Bridging the Diversity Gap
  • Your Role in Workplace Diversity
  • Understanding Workplace Diversity
  • Managing Diversity (for managers)
  • Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (for managers)

These online course are available on Cornerstone LMS, which can be accessed on the Human Resources home page under Employee University, LMS.

Workshop—this is the Implicit Bias workshop facilitated by Dr. Parker, an outside contractor.  

Discussion (DCA)—this is led by the Diversity Change Agent (DCA). Please check with your department for a change agent list.

DCA’s will then —

  • Attend regularly scheduled 1-hour DCA meetings quarterly.
  • Facilitate a 15–30 minutes discussion on Diversity-related topics monthly in their respective staff meetings within a specified time frame.
  • From time to time, they may be invited to other departments/divisions’ staff meetings to facilitate same conversations since not every department has a DCA.