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4th Avenue Well open house set for Dec. 13th

On Thursday, December 13th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities and Salt Lake City Planning Division will host a second open house with information on the 4th Avenue Well Project. The event will be held at the Salt Lake City Marmalade Branch Library, 300 West and 500 North. All are invited, and parking is limited to the street. We are encouraging carpooling.

Updates and alterations have been made to the initial plan for the site at 4th Avenue and Canyon Road. We will share the following information and look forward to listening and engaging in civil and productive dialogue on the project:

  • ​The initial concept of the project has changed significantly in recent weeks. The City has taken residents’ concerns seriously, and being informed by this dialogue has led us to significantly reduce the site’s footprint. The revised plan includes removal of the perimeter fence. In addition, there will be no on-site generator or fluoride room, as originally presented.  Although these changes will present Public Utilities workers with challenges in maintenance and operations, we know these are important concessions in reducing the size of the site and incorporating the project into the area.

  • The chlorine room will remain as part of the design and project, as chlorination is necessary to protect public health and safety.

  • Public Utilities has retained two local and respected architects to draw plans for the site: David Triplett and John Ewanowski, of CRSA Architecture. CRSA was co-founded by longtime restoration architects Wally Cooper and Allen Roberts. Mr. Triplett has decades of experience in designing functional buildings that also meet historic and aesthetic standards. Mr. Ewanowski has strong background in restoring older and historically significant buildings to modern functionality. Their plans for the 4th Avenue Well project, informed by residents’ feedback, will be available to the public at the December 13 open house, and will be widely shared with all City residents through social media platforms and traditional media outlets.​

  • ​Our top priorities remain worker and public safety. Worker safety and code compliance will be met through electrical upgrades and by bringing the well house above ground. We will continue to address public safety by providing high-quality drinking water for the City and sufficient pressure within the water system for fire control. SLC Public Utilities and Planning representatives will continue to work with neighborhoods surrounding the well site to provide a functional project at a scale that supports the district’s historic aesthetic.

Thank you for joining us on December 13th.

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