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Thank you, Public Utilities Advisory Committee!

We held our final meeting of the year of the Public Utilities Advisory Committee today at the old Chase Mill at Tracy Aviary. The PUAC informs our policy and practice, and provides support and oversight for our operations. The seven members are volunteers from various professions, all committed to civic participation, and who give of their time freely. They represent our service area throughout Salt Lake City and parts of Salt Lake County. We are grateful for their service and dedication! Front row, left to right: Kent W. MooreRoger L. PlayerColleen Kuhn (chair), Public Utilities Director Laura Briefer, @Tom Godfrey, Lynn Hemingway. Back row: Ted BoyerTed Wilson (vice chair). Not present: Sydney Fonnesbeck.

The Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office manages information and applications for all City Boards and Commissions, including our PUAC. It is a great way to support your City and to have an impact on local government. To learn more about these positions, or to apply for one, please visit here.

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