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Go, go GIS

Our Geographic Information Services (GIS) team recently took national honors at Cityworks Conference 2019–an annual event sponsored by the GIS-centered software firm that supports the Salt Lake City Department of Utilities and more than 700 organizations worldwide.

The “Excellence in Departmental Practice Award” highlights Cityworks clients who have helped transform their departments with innovative GIS solutions. “These clients demonstrate leadership and creativity in applying public asset management strategies to daily operations and long-term planning,” said a statement from Cityworks.

Our GIS team, led by Nick Kryger, uses Cityworks support throughout our Department to inform critical decision-making and analysis. Their work provides accurate, timely, and cost-efficient findings for infrastructure repairs and new construction. For instance, GIS analysis informs water main break reports in determining if a water line meets criteria for replacement when a roadway is also being considered for replacement. The team also maps and analyzes impervious surfaces to determine best stormwater management practices in meeting state and federal regulations and maintenance requirements. The most recent application is in a mobile app used in replacing more than 90,000 water meters in our service area, which provides water to more than 360,000 connections.

Big congratulations to our GIS team. A well-deserved recognition!

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