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Thawing Frozen Pipes

When below freezing temperatures grip the area, Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities fields numerous calls for water service freeze-ups. However, by using the pointers listed below, our Dispatch has been able to help many customers help themselves. If water stops running, we encourage customers to ask themselves the following questions to better determine if the freeze is on their side or if utility workers should be dispatched.

Ask Yourself:

  • How long has the water been off?
  • Has anyone at your location made adjustments or repairs to the water system?
  • Have you asked neighbors if they have water?
  • Is your garden hose disconnected from your hose bib?
    •  If the hose is still connected, the water in the hose will freeze and spread to the interior pipe.
  • Are any cold-water taps working in the home or business? Is all the water off?
    • If the water is not working in only part of the property, then it would indicate a premise plumbing issue which is the customer’s responsibility to address.

Tips for Restoring Water:

  • Open all cold water taps inside the house to let a trickle flow and open cupboards and/or doors to rooms with water pipes (the warm air on the pipes and a place for the water to flow will help thaw the frozen pipe).
  • Use a blow dryer on the water pipe at the point where the water enters the home, this low heat source helps thaw the frozen pipe without damage. Do not leave the blow dryer concentrated on one place or unattended while on.
  • Once the water begins to flow, leave a faucet running about a spaghetti strand width of flow. This will help keep the water from freezing up again.
  • If water is not restored, please call SLCDPU Dispatch back at (801) 483-6700.

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