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Salt Lake City Announces WaterMAPS Initiative

Today, Salt Lake City announced its new WaterMAPS™ initiative, intended to help residents identify ways in which they can more effectively reduce outdoor irrigation needs and more efficiently use water for their individual landscaping needs. In partnership with the Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) at Utah State University, Salt Lake City is proud to be one of the first municipalities to offer residents access to the Water Management Analysis and Planning Software (WaterMAPS™) reporting.

“This is no time for complacency when it comes to water conservation,” Mayor Erin Mendenhall said. “Salt Lake City’s focus on extending our water supply is evident in my 2023 goals for our community. Our City must be more responsive to and resilient in the face of climate change and ongoing drought. I’ve also asked that we closely evaluate the City’s water usage, so we can improve our own efficiency. I am confident that WaterMAPS™ reporting will encourage our residents to realize their increased capacity to conserve.”

“Water conservation is a community effort, which I believe we are demonstrating today,” stated Salt Lake City Public Utilities Department Director Laura Briefer. “Our community has shown a willingness and ability to conserve. WaterMAPS™ is our newest and most innovative tool, integrating water use and water needs for each residential property served by Salt Lake City’s water system. Essentially, the data and reports generated by WaterMAPS™ can empower residents to tailor their conservation methods, selecting those with the most conservation potential while meeting individual landscape needs.”

Beginning today, residents will have the ability to login to their account on Salt Lake City Department of Utilities’ bill pay website to view their individual WaterMAPS™ report. The Public Utilities Department is offering suggestions for how residents can reduce their outdoor watering needs or to more efficiently use outdoor watering, specific to the results of an individual’s WaterMAPS™ report. All are encouraged to visit for details about the program, water conservation tips, and more.

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