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Water Reclamation Facility


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Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment

Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities’ new Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) will replace the current plant at 1365 West 2300 North in Salt Lake City. This new sewage treatment facility will be one of the largest infrastructure improvements in our city for decades. It will be designed and built as a model project—highly sustainable, with educational aspects for the public and constructed to the highest environmental standards.

Engineering and architectural design, along with public outreach has begun on the facility. The plant is projected to cost $700 million over a 5-year construction period. The new treatment plant is needed to comply with state water quality standards enacted in 2016 that require additional removal of phosphorus in the sewage treatment process. This requirement further protects water quality and the environment. Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities must complete the new treatment plant by January 1, 2025 to comply with these regulatory requirements. 

The current plant is the City’s only sewage treatment facility. At nearly 55 years old, it is reaching the end of its useful life, which is also a factor driving the construction of a new plant. The current plant will continue uninterrupted operations during construction.

Visioning the New Facility